Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's been a long time...

I had a sort of unofficial new year's resolution in my mind when 2016 began.  I wanted to write in my blog at least once a month.  Three and a half months later I am finally writing here. 

First, I want to tell some stories of the cuteness of the kiddos.  My big girl is taking ballet now and LOVES it.  I started looking for a class for her after we did swim lessons last summer.  At the end of those lessons she told me she would rather do ballerina swim lessons.  Haha, so anyway, I finally found a reasonably priced class for her age group that started in January. We go once a week and she has made some friends.  The class ends in May, but she likes it so much that we signed her up for the next session that goes through the summer.  The teacher is a high school student who does an amazing job with them.  Each of the motions she teaches them has some sort of picture or story that goes along with it.  For the classic ballet pose with the arms in a circle in front of the ballerina she tells them they are holding a beach ball, now a bigger ball, now a bigger ball!  For one of their stretches their legs are butterflies and they get to pretend they are flying somewhere.  My big girl loves to be in charge and luckily for her, my little girl loves to follow and adores her big sis.

My littlest bug loves to sing and now can sing so many songs.  She still says G like D and K like T most of the time, which can be pretty funny sometimes but also so endearing.  I really wish I could get a video of her singing "I'm Just a Little Black Rain Cloud" from the Pooh movie.  For her it comes out at "I'm just a little black rain toud" and it's almost too cute to handle.

There is so much make believe happening with my little ones.  Nori has loved playing pretend for a long time now, but now Hannah's imagination is blossoming.  Today she jumped inside a hat box and pretended to drive with the top as her steering wheel.  Later she laid down in it and told me, "I'm baby Moses!"

Baby Moses

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